Set of 2 Himalayan Salt Shots

  • Himalayan Salt Shot Set (2 Pack) Root 7
  • Himalayan Salt Shot Set

A slice of lime & a shot of Tequila!  Himalayan salt shots. Hand carved from high quality natural pink rock salt mined from the Himalayas. Being made from 100% solid salt they are food safe and add a subtle salty flavour to your shot to take the edge off the incoming spirit.

There is no need to worry about them turning into a salty puddle after one use either. As these are solid rock salt (which is a natural preservative) with the proper love and care they will last through many a fiesta!

How to love your salt:

Do not leave any liquid in the glass for long periods of time
Salt is naturally antibacterial so do not use any detergents
To clean, just rinse with water and pat dry with a cloth
Never put in the dishwasher
Store in a cool dry place