Mr & Mrs Ercole Wardrobe Freshener White Lily

  • Ercole Wardrobe Air Freshener White- Fresh Air
  • Ercole Wardrobe Air Freshener White- Fresh Air

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Scent your wardrobe!

Ercole is a small imaginary character who keeps us company  throughout the day and whose shape and fragrance are guaranteed to put us in a good mood.

Its smooth shape allows it to fit everywhere, releasing its fragrance uniformly into your wardrobe for long-lasting freshness.

Its made with EVA, a non toxic thermoplastic polymer that has long lasting effect thanks to a molecule that contrasts bad smells.

Top notes: Tangerine, White Peach
Heart notes: Rose, Lily, Peony
Base notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Amber

FAMILY floral, podery, woody

Made in Italy. Design by Luca Trazzi.

Dimensions: W4cm H7cm