Izipizi Sun Glacier Blue Tortoise Soft Brown Shields with Mirror Lens Cat 4


Sunglasses for ski & mountains - Without correction - Protection 100% UV category 4.

The dangers to your eyes at high altitudes are varied. Snow reflects up to 90% of sunlight received, and the amount of ambient ultraviolet radiation (UV) increases by 10% for every 1000m you climb.

sun glacier

  • verres solairesSun lenses cat. 4
    The Sun glacier, with their category 4, 100% UV protection lenses, protect your eyes from the cold, the snow and the intense brightness of the peaks. The lenses are also made of ultra-resistant brown polycarbonate: they enhance the ability to see the lay of the hills and offer better protection.

Leatherette removable protections

100% UV - Category 4