Popsocket Doughnut

Popsocket Doughnut


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Popsocket, the little “pop” that will change your life!

Easy to handle. The Popsocket will become your favourite phone accessory. It comes in many designs, choose from classic, shiny or funky… And we love the practical side of this Popsocket, you can reposition it easily and as often as necessary. Popsocket also is an ingenious storage reel for winding your headphones round . There are strong chances you’ll wonder what you did before you had one.

Strong points:

  • Can be mounted on the smartphone or on its hull
  • Easy to position and reposition
  • Leaves no traces, no mark on the device
  • Easier to text
  • Props up phone to make it easier to watch videos
  • Makes taking selfies easier.
  • Can act as a reel to wind your headphones round.
  • Easier to hold.

Can be used for any accessory mobile

Measurements: Dia 4cm D0.6cm to 2.3cm

Materials: Polycarbonate and polyurethene

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