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To understand the essence of Luxe Living, you need to look back to the 1920’s and the Art Deco era.  The style of that period was dominated by symmetrical and geometrical forms and that has re-emerged today but with some distinct differences.

Luxe Living is about opulence and glamour - a reaction to the current Scandi look, which couldn’t be more different. It is characterised by symmetrical and geometric forms but updated by mixing different metallics and adding 70’s Italian Style.  On predominantly white, or neutral backdrops, include gold, rose gold, silver, and copper incorporated in light fittings, lamps, or woven metallic fabrics used in soft furnishings.  If you want, you don’t have to go the whole hog, just use one or two pieces to add a dramatic feature to your home.  

Luxe living inspiration

Luxe Living style can be used in hallways, bedrooms, living rooms, also incorporated with sumptuous velvet soft furnishings, fur cushions, fur throws, mirrored side tables or trays, travelling trunks encased in brushed metal finishes, metal framed mirrors and pictures, extravagant metallic light fittings combining gold or silver or both!  Consider other glamourous statement pieces such as a glittering, crystal chandelier.

Luxe living Boutique Home chandelier

Bathrooms and kitchens too can also get the Luxe treatment.   Gold metallic wall tiles work fantastically to provide the WOW factor in a bathroom.   Or for the kitchen, metallic finishes on cupboards or metal finished backdrops.  Statement metallic light fittings are also a must.

Another take on the Luxe style is ‘Rough Luxe’ which is paired down look with stark industrial contrast.

‘Rough Luxe’ is a reinvention of the view of luxury today.  It takes all the above Luxe Living elements and mixes it with raw materials such as brick and concrete - think faded glamour! It’s an unfinished, masculine look but a rejection of minimalism.  In its place, the emergence of imperfect extravagance.

Luxe Living Basket

Characteristics of Rough Luxe are:- Authenticity, historical vintage, washed and worn with history, bygone times, industrial. Fabrics are distressed, paint faded, wallpaper torn.  Not to be confused with shabby chic, Rough Luxe has more opulence, more extravagance and more metal!


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